A Dedicated Family of Chefs

We’ve been creating delicious food for over 13 years

The Mood You Deserve !!

Elsaraya boat considered as one of the most famous touristic places for the last 15 years in Egypt . There you can enjoy the wonderful view and the most delicious plates.

We are distinguished by our impressive taste and unique chefs who were selected carefully.

We offer you various options from worldwide plates , seasonal plates, Arabian plates in addition to vegetarian plates, All are served fresh.

Not only we care about the quality of food but also we focus on fulfilling your needs and exceeding your expectation by serving our fresh juices and hot drinks beside the delicious desserts.

Elsaraya boat can welcome up to 2500 guests, we can arrange (Wedding parties, Meetings, Seminars, etc…..)

Our (Grand hall) can serve 900 guests it is suitable for huge parties like Christmas parties, singing concerts,Easter, Ramdan tents, Etc…..

“ The Mood You Deserve “